Happy Father’s Day to These Celebrity Men Who Have Joined the Father Club


Hats off to these new celeb dad’s who are celebrating their first Father’s Day! These men have rolled up their sleeves to share diaper duty and late time feedings.

John Stamos

The Full House star became a first-time dad welcoming his son Billy in April with wife Caitlin McHugh. The actor admitted he thought the day he would be called Dad would never happen. Now that Stamos, 54, is a proud papa he has said of the experience, “It’s been beautiful. Every second you pray that you can keep the kid alive. Every day is different, time has become very elusive, stuff just goes by so fast. It’s just beautiful. I’ve cried most days. I just stare at him.”

Aaron Paul

The Breaking Bad alum joined the father club in February when his wife Lauren gave birth to their daughter Story. Since becoming a father, the actor often posts his baby girl on his social media and you can see how fatherhood suits Paul from his posts. Back in March, Aaron, 38, posted a snap of his wife and daughter sleeping and wrote of his deep love for his little girl writing, “The sounds she makes when she stretches and yawns are what I live for. Her sneezing and hiccups make me feel warmth like I have never felt.”

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Ray J

The rapper and his wife Princess Love became parents to a little girl named Melody Love. Fatherhood has shown a new meaning of life for Ray J, 37. The rapper posted a picture of his new family of three leaving the hospital and he gushed writing, “Proudest DAD on the planet! Can’t explain the feelin-no wordz could mean it! I understand what parentz feel now and why the LOVE and Bond is from God above!”

Joseph Duggar

Joseph Duggar, 23, is no stranger to babies in his family but now he has one of his very own. Duggar and wife Kendra Caldwell welcomed their baby boy Garrett earlier this month. In a joint statement the couple said of becoming parents, “No matter how many times we’ve experienced the joy of babies born in our families, there’s nothing comparable to the joy in our hearts today! Children are truly a gift from God. We are so thankful for his safe arrival and this new journey as parents.”

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