5 Mommy Hacks that Will Help Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress
5 Mommy Hacks to Reduce Stress | Photo Credit: Pixabay (geralt)

Being a parent is such a blessing, and the thought of creating a human being can be the greatest feeling the world. However, it’s no secret that the process of giving birth is also stressful not just for the mother but also for her partner. Sometimes, the baby arrives before the due date leaving you little time to prepare.

To ease some of your worries and possibly help reduce stress, here are five things that you can do before and after giving birth.

Plan for the Baby’s Arrival

The most proactive way to help reduce stress it to make all the necessary preparations for the arrival of the baby as soon as possible. That means at least three months before the baby is born, you should start to pack a hospital bag that would include all the items needed to get you and the baby comfortable. Everything from comfortable clothing, soft slippers, snacks for you and your partner, toiletries, and a couple of clothes for the baby.

This is also the right time to start shopping for a car seat. By law, a safe car seat has to be installed in the car to drive off with the baby from the hospital. Call up a few members of your family, a close friend, or a postpartum doula and let them know of your expected dates so they can help you around with things like running errands, taking care of the baby, preparing food for you, and even doing laundry.

Buy the Perfect Baby Carrier

It is crucial to keep the baby close to the mother as soon as he or she or born. A perfect baby carrier helps maintain the closeness that both the baby and the mother needs. It results in a more intimate parental bond without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

A baby carrier also helps with breastfeeding as it acts as both a support and a cover when needed. It is easier for a mother or a father to play around and interact with the baby when their hands are free. Visit https://keepbabyclose.com/best-baby-carrier/ to learn more about the benefits of using a baby carrier.

Delegate Tasks

Delivering a baby is no joke. As much as you want to be happy and energized all day, you need time for healing. You cannot take care of everything, and you want to spend all your waking hours nursing and interactive with the baby. This is why it’s important to delegate some of the other tasks. You can hire a doula as you settle into your new role of being a mom. You can also hire a housekeeper to make sure that your house stays clean and safe.

While there is no pressure to go back to work, there is no better time to hire a personal assistant to answer your work calls and schedule meetings into the future while you focus on your newborn.

Schedule a Personal Time

Massage time
Schedule in a massage for some “me time” | Photo Credit Pixabay (rythmuswege)

There is no shame in scheduling a “me-time” after giving birth. You need it to rejuvenate and de-stress. It doesn’t have to be an entire day. Just taking half an hour to yourself to take a nap, meditate, read a book, watch a movie, or have lunch with a friend can already help. Just make sure that you have a support system to take a few things off your hands.

Postpone Any Big Projects

Partaking in any significant and stressful projects is not a good decision when you just gave birth. Renovating a house, going on a long trip, or hosting a dinner event might be too stressful to do now and will keep your mind wandering off when you’re supposed to be resting and spending time with your baby.

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