5 Alternative Ways to Combat Anxiety

Health Spotlight: Anxiety

Most people interpret anxiety as the common emotional imbalance when they are expecting a stressful event. It qualifies for the description. However, there is an anxiety disorder. It is extreme beyond the normal mood swings that individuals experience. It is a psychological, emotional state that disrupts your lifestyle.

Over the years, little attention has been given to anxiety awareness. People would quickly brush it off as a bad day or emotional imbalance. The truth is that we need to be well educated about the disorder to avoid extreme health issues. Various treatment approaches can be used to combat anxiety. They include:

1) Essential Oils

The best CBD oil for anxiety is among the popular essential oils used for treatment. These natural oils are extracted from the plants directly through distillation. They have a common characteristic scent that matches the extraction source. Most of these oils have not only a great scent but also a calming effect. They have different application directives. For example, you might need to rub a few drops around your neck area and feet.

2) Exercising

Exercising is an effective remedy for most disorders because it is essential for the brain functioning. The effects of using exercise as a remedy are helpful immediately and in the long run. Sometimes anxiety is caused by low self-esteem issues. Most of us experience these panic attacks because of self-doubt. Exercising on a daily basis will boost your confidence level. It is also common to experience anxiety if you are constantly worried about health and illness when you are fit.

3) Adequate Rest And Sleep

Inadequate sleep often increases the brain’s anticipatory reactions. It will elevate your anxiety levels. Studies have shown a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and anxiety. Most people will often stay up late when they anticipate an important event or decision. Psychologists advise that in such scenarios, getting early to bed will provide you with adequate rest to maintain a stable emotional balance. Lack of sleep also results in fatigue, which is not healthy for emotional functioning.

4) Guided Meditation

This concept uses deep breathing exercises to attain a relaxed state. Guided meditation is often controlled by an instructor. They can engage you in person; direct you via text, audios or videos. This approach focuses on establishing a grounded experience to control your emotions in overwhelming situations. Beginners are advised to start with simple breathing techniques. You can access guided meditation tutorials online if you cannot afford to pay for an instructor.

The beginner level focuses on releasing body tension by clearing your mind. Be patient with yourself; it is okay to struggle to find balance during your first guided meditation session.

5)    Acupuncture

It is a conventional Chinese approach that is used as a treatment alternative for various conditions such as anxiety disorders and acute pain management. Acupuncture focuses on correcting imbalances. It is attained by maintaining a constant energy flow in different parts of our bodies. Traditional medicine states that anxiety is a result of kidney and heart imbalance. The specialist will use tiny needles in the areas around your kidney, heart, ears, and spleen.

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