Duggars Add a New Baby to the Family

Anna and Josh Duggar Instagram

The Duggar family of Counting On has added a new baby to the family. This is exciting news for the Duggars. The thing is you might not see this baby on the show. In Touch Weekly shared that Anna Duggar’s sister just had a baby. Considering that Anna and Josh aren’t on the show anymore, it is highly doubtful the baby will be on there. You never know who will show up at a wedding or event, though.

This is the 4th child for Priscilla, and her husband, David. He shared the news with fans on Instagram letting everyone know that the baby was here. David was really excited about the news. He said, “Destiny Faith Waller is here! She was born at 10:53am on October 2, 2018 Priscilla, Destiny and family are all doing well! We praise the Lord for a safe delivery with no complications! She weighs 8lbs 5oz and is 22.25 inches long.”

Anna Duggar has been really excited about this baby on the way as well. Back in April, she shared about it. Anna makes it pretty obvious that she loves her nieces and nephews. The entire Duggar family likes children considering how many they have. There always seems to be a new one on the way.

Priscilla and David have been sharing a lot of information on their blog about the new baby. It turns out that her other sister was visiting when the baby came. They shared the details.

“Priscilla looks up to her sisters so much. Esther has been an example and encouragement for Priscilla over the years. The Lord orchestrated the timing of Destiny’s birth to be precisely during the only night that Priscilla’s oldest sister Esther was visiting our home. She is on a short leave from mission work that she and her husband John do along with their eleven children in Zambia, Africa. Esther was able to visit along with two of her children.”

You never know who will announce that a baby is on the way next. With so many Duggar kids and all of their wives and husbands, babies are always coming for this family. It is such a blessing and they love having them around.

Do you think that Josh and Anna Duggar will be having another baby soon? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when the show returns to TLC with new episodes. The finale just aired, but more should be coming an exact date has just not been shared yet.


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  1. Hiw do the Duggers do it? I could only handle one or two kids, but 5 or 6 is just two much!!!!
    I don’t remember when David got married,now baby number 5?? I remember the daughters and Josh but not David.When did he get married?

    • Just count 9 months backwards from the eldest child to ascertain when David got married.
      These breeding machines infuriate me and live in la la land, no idea.

  2. I don’t understand how this family got so famous. I don’t know what these people have contributed to society except a brood of kids. I know some people who have twenty children and they didn’t make it on TLC. It is mind boggling to say the least. Now Anna’s cousin is famous just because she is. I’m not saying the Duggar family are bad people, not at all. I just don’t understand all the pomp and dance that surrounds this family. I like Anna. I think she is very genuine and sweet. She is doing a wonderful job being a parent. I’m sorry for all the heartache she has experienced in her marriage to Josh. Good luck Anna to you and yours. God bless.

  3. This is just wrong! Another baby around him! Does she read the bible, comments, and Family thoughts!!!! God forgive when those girls are alone w him while she is shopping or running errands. If it was me visiting times r 3-5 thursday so u can go to church on sunday!!
    And beleave u me his butt better b their.

  4. To many babjes, these girls too young to marry without experiencing careers. They have limited educations with being home-schooled. They barely get to enjoy their first years of marriage before then become pregnant and start popping out babies. SAD.

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