3 Tips to Buying Contact Lenses on a Budget

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Buying contact lenses when on a budget is a simple task, but can be challenging, costly and dangerous if you do not have the right prescription. Although cheap contact lenses are available, it is always good to get the right ones. Before you buy contact lenses, ensure that you have a copy of your prescription. This will help you in making the order even for online purchases.

Good contact lenses are available from different manufacturers at different prices.  You can get the same lens at different prices so it is always advisable to compare manufacturers before settling on one. Here are three tips to buying contact lenses when on a budget.

Use vouchers and discounts

Several retailers have promotional offers and discounts available when you buy from them. Some even have free delivery when you spend a certain amount of money on their lenses. You can also find a store that frequently accepts coupons.

Check to see if the manufacturer you are buying from accumulates loyalty points that will add up, allowing you to buy the lenses at a cheaper cost. Other stores provide cash back when you make a purchase such as sites like TopCashback. This is a great way for you to save some extra cash.

Buy them online

Online retailers often sell contact lenses at a cheaper price compared to the prices in your local store. However, when buying contacts online, be careful to check the company you are buying from and ensure that it is a legit retailer. The online company should have a customer service that is available to help you when you encounter issues such as shipping delays. The online store should also be able to expedite shipping and orders on time.

Take a look at several online stores and compare the prices online since each seller has their own pricing.  If you can, order the lenses in bulk to reduce the shipping costs. Buy fresh contact lenses from an online store that offers great customer service, affordable pricing and clear explanations as well as accept returns if need be.

There are online companies that have vision centers that can perform exams as well as sell contacts at a reasonable price. Most of them are usually stocked with many contacts and you can get the lenses faster.

Check other saving options

For those with health insurance sometimes the cost of lenses is either covered or might be less costly, especially when you want to buy a pair of contact lenses. Find out if your insurance provider has this covered while comparing the cost to the cost of the insurance and eye examination.

Subscriptions to your optician might save you some money on eye checkups helping you meet the cost of the lenses. Having decided on the contact lenses that are right for you, you need to take good care of them. This will save you money spent on buying lenses regularly.

Whether you are buying online or locally, it is important to always check factors such as the expiration date of the lenses. It is also recommended that you set up an appointment with a contact lens practitioner if you do not have one already for a regular checkup. Clean them well to increase their life and avoid getting an eye infection.

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