Jinger Duggar Vuolo Criticized by Fans, Shows Her Thoughts by Silence

Jeremy Vuolo with Felicity

Jinger Duggar Vuolo is a first-time mom and of course, some people are giving her a hard time. Instead of speaking out against the haters, Jinger has decided to stay classy and quiet. In Touch Weekly shared all about how Jinger is just letting people say what they want and moving on. She continues to share pictures of her gorgeous daughter on social networks.

Jinger is always sharing really cute pictures of her daughter. Recently, she shared one that had Felicity in a bright yellow bow and floral onesie. She looks adorable, but some fans don’t feel that way at all. Jinger left it where people can comment on the post, but some people were pretty nasty about their thoughts. Surprisingly, she hasn’t turned off the comments yet. 

Some fans were saying that they thought Felicity Vuolo looked adorable, but then the haters came out also. You can see what she looked like in the picture below. She has such a huge smile on her face!

The comments are getting pretty crazy. Jinger loves to put bows and little headbands on her daughter. The haters are giving her a hard time about it. One told her to stop putting rags on her daughter’s head because she isn’t from Jamaica. You know that Jinger had to be upset by this comment, but she was classy and quiet about it. 

A source did tell Hollywood Life recently that Jinger is tired of getting mom-shamed. The thing is Jinger isn’t speaking out about it at all. The source explained the details.

“[Jinger] feels like she’s constantly getting mom-shamed since she had Felicity. She had no idea it was going to be this bad. Jinger is doing her best to let ignore the negativity and focus on the positive, but it’s hard… It’s making her think twice about sharing pictures of Felicity.”

The source went on to explain that Jeremy is very supportive. It sounds like he is really helping Jinger with keeping the haters from getting to her. It has to be nice for her to have someone on her side like that and have so much support at home. 

Are you surprised to hear that Jinger Duggar Vuolo was quiet about what the haters have to say? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when they air on Monday nights on TLC. It will be great to get to see her daughter on the show. 


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  1. Jinger, I love seeing pictures of your beautiful little girl. Your doing great as first time mom. Dont let the haters get to you. They’re just jealous. God Blessed you with a handsome, loving husband and now with a beautiful sweet baby girl. You enjoy them and don’t let the haters dictate your life and how you choose to dress and adorn your baby girl. And Jamaicans are the only ones that wear head dress. I really look forward to seeing lots of pictures of Felicity. Love you and your whole family! ❤️

    • Ditto!! Some people just don’t even like themselves— love seeing you happy and living your life— and your beautiful daughter! Thank you for sharing : )

  2. Beautiful Baby an i wish other would leave this family alone, Let her be a mom an stop criticizing her for everything shes done. I think shes a great mom . Let her Dress her baby the way they want, Its not your bussiness what she does, So stop with the negativity

  3. Jinger, you are a living and fabulous person! You have an amazing husband who loves you so dearly and a gorgeous daughter who is just like both of you. My dear, you are going to be criticised by those who can not be happy for anyone who has what they wish for and can not have themselves. Just let it will off you and continue doing what you have always done and do well now. More fans love you than not so let them be your encouragement! Felicity is adorable and so well dressed all the time. You are loved, Jinger.

  4. I read a post about another Southern family with lots of girls that the bow thing is a real Southern tradition. Besides, that is their child and they get to do whatever they choose to do. Some silly people out there.

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