5 Tips to Organizing Your Home Before a Visit from Family

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organizing your home
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Is your house amid endless piles of dishes, laundry, overdue library books, and forgotten bills? Cluttered houses can be stressful. You waste time cleaning and looking for misplaced items. It becomes even more distressing when some of your family members tell you they’re planning for a visit.

Fortunately, you do not need someone to recommend your house for a home makeover show to get it in order. Knowing what to do can help you organize your house efficiently. Here are some proven strategies that you can employ to enhance the functionality and elegance of your home prior to a visit from family.

  1.    Know the Order of Organization

The order in which to organize your house is very important in making your work easier and faster. Starting with your storage space ensures that you have room to keep the things that are less important when you’re organizing the other rooms. After completing this step, move onto the kitchen and then the other areas.

  1.    Purge Before Buying Storage Containers

Most people rush to purchase storage supplies before tidying up their houses. This is wrong. You should, first of all, find out why there’s so much stuff in your house. After purging, you’ll get an idea of your storage needs.  This way, you can save money when it comes to buying containers and eliminate junk instead of keeping it.

  1.    The One-Handed Operation Rule

Many people make organizing difficult for themselves. Make everything in your house a one-handed operation. For instance, instead of hiding your laundry basket behind the closet, use an open bin that makes it easy to throw in clothes from anywhere within the room.

If possible, avoid lids. The things you use frequently such as cooking supplies and toiletries require the use of open containers to make it easier for you to keep them. For garbage cans, select one that you can step on the lever to pop its lid open.

  1.    Deal With Clutter Hot Spots

Flat surfaces such as your dining room and entryway tables and kitchen counters have a tendency of accumulating piles quicker than other spots in your house. Clearing them before going to bed should be part of your daily routine.

If this doesn’t work, then find a way of physically blocking those flat surfaces. For instance, you can send a message to anyone in your house that those places are no longer dumping zones by putting some flowers there. This de-clutters your home and adds to its aesthetic value.

  1.    Find Out Why Your System Isn’t Functional

The major reason for organizing your home is to make it more functional. Good results make House Cleaning, for example, to take less than 15 minutes. If the system isn’t working after your attempt, then look for the possible signs that are causing the problem and reorganize your spaces. One sign is when your rooms look messy even after cleaning.


You don’t have to stress yourself when visiting time is around the corner. By knowing the order in which to begin organizing your home and when to buy storage supplies, you’re a step ahead. Also, spot the areas that are prone to clutter and eliminate them. If the system doesn’t work after organizing, it’s time to re-strategize.

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