Duggar Family Reflects On Josie’s Scary Premature Birth After She Turns 9

Duggar family together at game

The Duggar family is now reflecting on how hard things were for them when Josie Duggar was born. She is now nine-years-old and is doing great. People shared the details about her birthday and what the Duggars have to say now. At her birth, things were rough on the family, but they are much better years later. 

The fans remember when Josie Duggar was born. It was a very scary time for the family. The 19th Duggar child was actually born three months early. In a recent Instagram post, the family shared saying “Josie was born on December 10, 2009 at 25 1/2 weeks gestation and weighed 1 pound 6 ounces.” Now she is a happy little girl who is thriving. The Duggars are very lucky that she is doing so well. 

Josie was born early due to her mom Michelle Duggar having preeclampsia. Josie weighed only 1 lb., 6 oz. at her birth, which was three months earlier than planned. This wasn’t the scariest part, though. Josie had problems with her bowels just eight days later. She was born at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas, but had to be rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for treatment after this happened. Her parents were by her side through it all. 

Luckily, Josie Duggar didn’t have to have surgery. They were able to treat her and things worked out. Josie has been a very lucky little girl. The family ended their post saying “That was the most difficult time in our family’s life, but by God’s grace Josie and our whole family made it through!” This was a hard time for the Duggars. Any parent would never want to have to deal with seeing their child suffer like she did during this time. 

Counting On is a bit different than 19 Kids and Counting. The fans loved getting the chance to see Josie Duggar and learn all about her. Now she isn’t really on Counting On much since it focuses on the older children. It would be great if viewers get to see a bit more about Josie and how she is doing now. As she gets older, she will probably be on the series a bit more. 

Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when it returns to TLC. Hopefully, they will show a bit more of the youngest Duggar Josie now that she is an older child.

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