Tori Roloff Defends Herself Against the Mommy Haters

Tori Roloff and her son from Instagram

Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World is speaking out against the mommy haters. People give her a really hard time on social networks. She isn’t going to take it from them, though. Tori actually went to her Instagram page and shared her thoughts on what they have to say to her. She isn’t a fan of the haters. 

Tori simply posted a picture of her son Jackson, but then she went on to share her thoughts. She started her post saying, “I wanted to share something that has been on my heart lately. *
I feel like I do this every now and again to reiterate why I’m here and what I hope to use my platform for.” It is great that she can use her social networks for positive things. 

After that, Tori Roloff went on to explain about all of the haters she has to deal with on a daily basis on her posts. The reality star can’t just simply share a picture of her family without dealing with people having rude things to say to her. This is something that all reality stars sadly have to deal with all the time. A lot of people aren’t afraid to say things when they are behind a computer screen that they would never say to anyone’s face. 

She really feels like part of the reason is the fact that she is being very honest. Tori shares about her life and doesn’t hold back. One thing that she revealed is that she really wants her Instagram to be a positive place, but she can’t do that with all of the comments she gets daily. Tori obviously isn’t one of those people that can just ignore it. 

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I wanted to share something that has been on my heart lately. * I feel like I do this every now and again to reiterate why I’m here and what I hope to use my platform for. * Lately I have been getting a lot of negative comments and feedback on my social media. I don’t usually take things to heart because I know I cant please everyone but I had to bring this up. Mom shaming is a real thing and it’s not cool. I get it all the time because I put my tactics out there and I try to be as honest about my life as possible. But for some reason lately I’ve been getting a lot of people bashing my momisms or how I do things in my home. I don’t want my social media to go there. This is a place where I like to be as positive as possible. There’s a lot going on in my life right now personally and I like to use my social media to brighten other’s day but unfortunately there have been days that i feel it’s doing no good. I’m only saying this because I feel like people need to hear it. My life is far from perfect. I know that and I’m okay with that. But when moms and sisters and friends and whoever start shaming each other for what they do with their kids that’s where I draw my line. We’re all doing the best we can and that’s all we can do. I love my son and my family unbearably and I do what I think is best for them. So please-be kind to each other. There are people behind your screens and you never know what a person is walking through. * In the words of the great Rev Run “do your best-forget the rest!” * * * UPDATE I didn’t post this for people to tell me I’m a good mom-I’m the best one I know how to be. I posted as just a reminder to EVERYONE to lift one another up. Don’t knock each other down.

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Tori Roloff also wanted everyone to know that she didn’t post this on purpose just to get people to tell her what a great mom she is, but instead it was about hoping that people would start lifting each other up. It is really sweet that Tori wants women to treat each other the right way. Hopefully, a few learn from what she has to say. 

What do you think of what Tori Roloff had to say against the mommy haters? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World when they return to TLC. Even though Audrey and Jeremy Roloff decided to leave, Tori and her husband Zach will be back again. 


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  1. I think you are the greatest parents he is so lucky too have you and Zac also understand why you feel the way you do people think they know you because they watch you on TV and that gives them the right to judge you on everything. I think that so crazy they do not have the right too say how are what you do with your child are the life you live it not there’s I am so sorry I know the day will come and you will get fed up and stop filming because people cannot be nice when they have no right to sit and judgement of anyone’s life and tell someone what too do are what they should do. I want you to remember that you are great parents and great people let it go do not let them get to both of you they are not worth it.

  2. I think Tori Roloff is right, all of us who are mother’s, and grandmother’s too for that matter are trying to do what is best for our families. None of us know what others are going through privately so we should encourage each other instead of finding fault. Negativity is one reason I stay off social media most of the time.

  3. I agree 746393047251 % with what Mrs.Tori had to say. I think her and Zac are GREAT parents!! An I think it’s wonderful for Tori to tey an uplift other woman, moms, an such cause the world we live in is already so full of hate and it’s nice to see that she’s trying to change that.. Kudos for you Tori and everything you and your family do! Keep that beautiful head up!! You guys go this sweetie!! ❤ An, I also have to add that I LOVE seeing the pics of your beautiful bundle of love. Thanks for sharing!!

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