4 Things to Look for in Crossfit Shoes

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Crossfit shoes
What to look for with Crossfit Shoes: Photo Credit: Pixabay

CrossFit is a lifestyle training program that attracts both men and women looking to build muscle and a lean, robust body. The exercises that make up the sport are quite intense requiring participants to purchase the right gear for the greatest gains. Training shoes should be on the top of your list when making plans to buy workout gear as they add critical support that will make a difference in your performance. Fortunately, there are shoes designed explicitly with CrossFit participants in mind, making your shopping journey more relaxed.

So, what should you consider when buying CrossFit shoes?

  • Purpose of the shoes

CrossFit focuses on training the entire body through many exercises done over and over again. Since the exercises put a lot of demand on your feet, it is essential to have the right type of shoes on. When shopping, choose shoes that offer support if you are weightlifting; flexible shoes if you will be running and sturdy ones for tackling gymnastic moves. Additionally, if you will be doing all the different exercises at the same time, you may need to buy more than one pair of shoes.

  • The drop of the shoes

The shoe drop is the distance between the heel and the toe in height. Majority of CrossFit shoes have a lower drop that helps in distributing a person’s weight across their feet when training. The drop which is about 4mm is also good for weightlifters because it minimizes shifting of heels resulting in better stability. If unsure about the right drop to go for, consider asking for assistance from the store so that you get the right shoe for your preferred exercise regimen.

  • The weight of the shoes

Lightweight shoes eliminate the chances of straining your body while participating in the activities that are part of CrossFit Survival. The shoes have a great sole which offers support to the legs during the various exercises done by those participating in the sport. It is advisable to test out the shoes before making the final decision on the best one for you. As with everything else, it is essential to pick a shoe that strikes a perfect balance between caring for your feet and offering them stability.

  • The durability of the shoes

Wear and tear of CrossFit shoes can be easily seen within a short time if they are not durable. It is therefore important to purchase durable shoes from the onset to ensure they can handle the rigorous exercise regimen. Also, the outer part of the shoe should be sturdy becomes it comes in contact with the floor and other training equipment that might damage it. Always go for shoes whose outer part can withstand regular use, and the soles are firm enough to offer proper support when exercising.

In general, deciding to buy CrossFit shoes is only the first step towards getting the correct shoes for training. You will also need to put more effort into choosing the right pair by considering the tips mentioned above so that your exercise regimen gives back the expected results.

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