Teen Mom OG Star Kailyn Lowry Hits Back at Criticism for not Vaccinating her Baby 

Kailyn Lowry is standing her ground after being slammed for admitting she no longer vaccinates her kids and didn’t vaccinate her youngest child Lux at all.

The 26-year-old mom spoke to Us on Friday, January 25, “I mean, I guess the only thing I can really say and continue to stand for is to parent how it’s best for your child and family. People don’t love everything I do, but I don’t shove my beliefs down anyone else’s throat. I know what’s best for my kids and other parents know what’s best for theirs.”

Lowry spoke openly about her decision to not vaccinate her children after a listener asked her for her opinion on an episode of the podcast “Coffee Convo.”

Lowry said, “I definitely think this is a controversial topic, and I don’t want to lose listeners because of my opinion — but, I did vaccinate Isaac, because to me, I didn’t know any better, and I gave — I let them vaccinate him with whatever they basically said that he needed. And I feel like I was ignorant, and didn’t do research, and didn’t know any better,” The Teen Mom OG star said of her 8-year-old son she shares with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

Lowry went on to talk about her second child, 4-year-old son Lincoln that she shares with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. The reality star began to read and learn more about the pros and cons of vaccinating your child. Lowry spoke to other mothers about vaccinations and watch a multiple “documentaries on Netflix.”

The mom’s youngest child 18-month-old Lux whom she shares with ex Chris Lopez hasn’t been vaccinated at all. “He hasn’t ever really been sick, and for me, I just think the more research that I do, and the more educated I’ve become, I just don’t vaccinate him.”

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  1. unless he’s got food allergies or she’s refusing for religious reasons she’s doing a disservice to segments of the public who legitimately can’t be vaccinated like cancer patients sickle sell anemia patients etc by not having her kids vaccinated I had all mine as a child that were necessary at the time the chicken pox vaccine wasn’t FDA Approved until a few years after I had already had it in kindergarten what’s she scared of having a child hurt by vaccinations it would be worse to have a child who dies from complications of Measles as Roald Dahl’s oldest daughter Olivia did in November 1962 before the vaccine existed

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