Inside Kim Kardashian’s CBD-Themed Baby Shower

Inside Kim Kardashian’s CBD-Themed Baby Shower

The Kardashian-West clan is known for two main things: their ever-expanding brood, and their love for lavish parties. Following their announcement of their fourth child (their second via surrogate) in January, the reality TV mogul invited family and friends to her home in April for a baby shower with a surprising theme… CBD!

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a naturally-occurring substance that is extracted from the resinous flower of marijuana plants. Despite CBD oil coming from the same cannabis plant, it is vastly different from the marijuana people smoke. It is extracted from a different part of the plant. Unlike the recreational drug, it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the part of the cannabis plant that leads to the feeling of being ‘high’.

CBD oil, by contrast, is known for its wide variety of health benefits including pain relief, relaxation and as a treatment for stress and anxiety. Subsequently, with Kim announcing to her guests that she was “freaking the f**k out” about the arrival of her fourth child, a CBD-themed baby shower full of good vibes, zen and meditation was seemingly the perfect antidote.

Who Came?

The family’s ever-loyal party planner Mindy Weiss based the event around three themes: CBD, meditation and a calming nautical blue. Star-studded guests such as Paris Hilton, Chrissy Teigen, and Maria Menounous all flocked over to Kimye’s Californian dream house for a Saturday afternoon of rest and relaxation.

What Happened?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that CBD has been sprung into the spotlight recently due to its various healing qualities.

For her baby shower, Kim partnered up with acclaimed medicinal cannabis company HelloMD. They’re ranked #1 for Health & Wellness on Trustspot and work to advocate and educate their customers on the various ways CBD can help improve quality of life and wellbeing.

This was a baby shower with a difference, and in order to make it a success, the Kardashian Wests facilitated a vast range of CBD-themed activities including:

– Make-your-own CBD-infused bath salts and body oils for that extra layer of zen during your pampering time.

– A hemp-flower bouquet station including roses, lavender… and marijuana!

– A Grön CBD-infused chocolate fountain to take care of the inside as well as the outside.

– Guests could wash down the chocolate with Kombucha and CBD tea. With Kombucha itself being well-known for its health benefits, it is no doubt that this beverage is self-care liquified!

– Luxury massages by a professional masseuse with lavender-infused CBD oils to help relax your muscles and relieve any tension, aches or pains.

– Foot baths and reflexology stations which used CBD-infused oils and salves to help relieve those pressure points.

– And finally, the most millennial product to ever exist – CBD-infused vapes.

Attendees were also treated to luxury gift bags courtesy of Royal CBD ( These contained, amongst other things, deluxe CBD face scrubs and masks for that radiant glow, as well as CBD mints designed to be eaten before bed to ensure a soothing night’s sleep.

The Sound Bath

Another key feature of the event was the group sound bath. Sound baths are inspired by the Silver Lake Shaman lifestyle which, amongst other things, creatively uses crystals as a means of healing, relaxing and meditation. With Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner subsequently promoting this crystal-centric, zen lifestyle on her own social media, Kim caught on to the trend and incorporated this holistic lifestyle into her A-List event.

Despite the name, sound baths aren’t literal baths. A person will rub a pestle around the rim of crystal bowls, which will produce deep sound vibrations that penetrate deep into the skin of those nearby, which makes it feel like a remote massage produced solely by sound waves.

The benefits of this treatment include a deep sense of relaxation and a higher sense of consciousness. Its effectiveness is also magnified when it is used in conjunction with meditation.

Even six-year-old North West, Kim and Kanye’s eldest child, was seen to be enjoying the benefits of the sound bath, showing that there’s no such thing as ‘too young’ when it comes to self-care and meditation!

Where Was Kanye?

Kanye by no means took a back seat when it came to celebrating the birth of his fourth child, as he also ensured his famed clothing brand Yeezy played a role in the celebrations.

In her Instagram stories, Kim proclaimed the event as a “Yeezy Spa”, as all the guests were also treated to complimentary Yeezy sliders. They were blue, of course, to keep in with the theme, and showed that fashion doesn’t mean giving up comfort!

The Name Hints

With her extensive Instagramming of the day’s events, fans didn’t have to worry about experiencing any FOMO – especially since she also took the opportunity to tease the name of her fourth baby to her millions of followers.

She wrote the name “Robert Harut” on a board courtesy of “Styled by Hrush” – a famed Armenian influencer. This cryptic name sent fans into overdrive, as Robert was the name of Kim’s late father whilst Harut was a nod to her Armenian roots. Interestingly, Harut can be translated into “He was Risen” – clearly showing that the name would have a Biblical influence.

However, it was later announced on Mother’s Day that her son was named Psalm West – a book from the Bible. Did anyone end up making the connection?

CBD Baby Showers – A New Trend?

Overall, whilst a CBD-themed baby shower might at first glance seem a little unusual, we should remember two things.

Firstly, these are the Kardashians. Since when did they do anything normal or understated?

Secondly, with CBD being scientifically proven to have calming, stress-relieving effects on people, it is the perfect choice for an occasion leading up to the stress, intensity and sleepless nights that come with being the mother to a newborn. Better to pack in all the relaxation now, whilst you still have the chance!

With seemingly everything that Kim does catching on as a trend, we doubt this is the last CBD-themed baby shower we’ll hear about.

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